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Our Mision

To provide safe, creative, and empowering spaces for women entrepreneurs and leaders. By coaching, training, and hosting events to inspire, motivate, and encourage women of faith to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and abundant personal life.

Our Vision

Supporting thousands of women of faith and minority business owners in establishing their purpose-driven businesses and living an abundant and well-balanced life.


Meet Our Founder

Lindsey Morales-Andrews is the CEO of Meta Vida Coaching. She is a successful coach, entrepreneur, and writer. 

Lindsey has graduate-level training in life transformation. She has successfully facilitated change for individuals, groups, and organizations through coaching, training, and consulting. When Lindsey learned about the practice of coaching in graduate school she realized it was her calling. She then began her journey coaching others on how to become abundant thinkers and launch and grow their businesses online. 

Lindsey’s Message To You

I understand what it’s like to be the first generation to accomplish things like degrees and business success. I know your journey has had its highs and lows and you’ve done it mostly all by yourself. I want you to know you no longer have to be alone. I am here for your continued growth and your release of those blocks that keep you from your abundant life.

We Are Here To Support You…

Are an ambitious woman of faith who has not released the hurt, guilt, or pain from life experiences or even past trauma?

Are you successful in your career, but feel stagnant in your personal life?

Do you believe God has given you a purpose in life, but you’re not working towards it?

Do you always put the needs of others in front of your own and it has left you feeling resentful and unworthy?

If so, We can help you. We have helped several women just like you change their lives by gaining vision clarity, maintaining work/life balance, and incorporating spiritual growth.

Meta Vida Coaching provides faith-based life and business coaching to women entrepreneur and leaders. Our services and products empower, motivate, and inspire people to live an abundant life. We enjoy working with women and minority-owned businesses, as well as individuals, to foster healthy relationships and create freedom lifestyles.

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Meta Vida is a coaching and consulting agency with the mission to provide safe, creative, and empowering spaces for women entrepreneurs and leaders.

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