The first How To Stay Focused episode included music which made it only available on Spotify. If you’d like to hear my neo-soul type of gospel music playlist. Go check it out. Due to recent events that have impacted black and brown communities I’ll be taking on new life coaching clients. Spots are limited and will fill up fast, go book your sessions now.
It is time to:
Release dead weight. 
Seek God for clarity and when you know what you really want,
Go back to God and ask for it. 
Get out of the hamster wheel. 
You don’t need to learn a new thing, you need to master the thing God called you to do. 
Stop self-sabotaging.

We are in a season of shedding. Shed your old skin to get new skin. Animals shed old skin to get rid of parasites that had attached to their old skin. The transition from to the new version of you will required this process. 
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