Lindsey understands that my life is my business and my business is my life. She’ll coach me through any issue I bring up, whether it’s about marketing or parenting. I really enjoy having a confidential, friendly, and celebratory space for venting, thinking out loud, and connecting with what is essential for me during each coaching call. Lindsey is a great coach. She asks great questions. She helps me celebrate my wins. It feels like she sees the best in me and helps me connect to that version of myself. Since being coached by Lindsey, I have made more money being my own boss than ever before. I think this is a result of her support as I create more wealth consciousness, as well as the accountability of talking to a coach weekly. I take action with less perfectionism because I feel more confident and more motivated. Knowing I have a coach on my team each week helps me enjoy life and just feel happier and more supported in general. Other results I’ve noticed in my life since working with Lindsey include more peace and joy in my relationships, and a leaner, healthier body. Taking the step to invest in myself by hiring a coach has made me take my own wellness more seriously.